Vanessa López

Executive Director, Salud por Derecho

Vanessa López is the co-founder and executive director of Salud por Derecho (Right to Health Foundation) from 2004. She graduated in Social Physiology and received a Masters degree in Development from the Universidad Pontifica Comillas in 2001. In its first six years, the organisation focused on promoting greater political will and resources to fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic in impoverished countries and during that time contributed to dramatically improving the leadership, political will, policies and funding for HIV/AIDS through the Spanish Development Policy.

From 2010 Salud por Derecho has gone further in a broader global health perspective and alongside the fight against HIV/AIDS has focused in the promotion of more and better R&D in a needs-driven and affordable innovation system and incorporated the commitment to promoting universal social health protection. Vanessa frequently participates in the Developed Countries NGO Delegation at the Global Fund Board and Salud por Derecho is, inter alia, member of HAI Europe and the coordination organization of the Access to Medicines in Spain Group jointly promoted with TACD in December 2012.