Paul Cornes

Oncologist, Clinical Outcomes Group, Bristol, UK

Paul Cornes is an Oncologist from Bristol, UK. He is part of the steering group for the European School of Oncology Working Party on the Access to Innovation in Cancer Treatment. He encourages physicians that health economics is to be embraced as part of routine medical practice. We live in an era of both unprecedented medical advances in targeted treatments and international economic troubles. Physicians, hospitals and nations now have to make difficult choices to offer the best care to patients when budgets are under such strain.

Education is the single most important weapon against cancer. He has taught cost effective care in Countries as diverse as the USA, Russia, China and Japan and has been the American Society of Hematology Annual Spotlight Lecturer for cost control. He gives the health economics lectures for his EORTC group. He organised the first ever cost-effectiveness conference in Turkey, and the first teaching programme on cost-control for Oncologists in Japan.

He has a special interest in delivering innovation in cancer treatment in middle-income countries. With the Malaysian Ministry of Health he has run workshops on cost-effective care to redesign their National Cancer Reimbursement Programme. You can also see him as a key speaker in the special day on cost control at the 18th ECCO – 40th ESMO European Cancer Congress in Vienna, 2015.