Monika Kosinska

Programme Manager Governance for Health, WHO

Monika Kosinska is Project Manager at the WHO Regional Office for Europe since July 2014. Working on governance for health, whole of society for health, tackling inequalities and improving social determinants of health.

She is former Secretary General of the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), a non-governmental organisation committed to bringing about change to national and EU policy that impacts on health, social justice and equity. Monika was appointed as Secretary General in recognition for her strong leadership and management in the public and private sector, working towards improving public policy to achieve better health outcomes. She was previously acting Executive Director of a Think Tank working in the US, France and the UK to develop new thinking on future population challenges to health, International Corporate Affairs Manager at a global retailer working globally with senior company executives to improve understanding and relations with national authorities and local stakeholders, and a founder and Co-Chair of EUREGHA, bringing together local and regional authorities from across Europe working on health. Her experience in high-level and strategic representation includes being a board member for the Health and Environmental Alliance, the Civil Society Contact Group, the European Bachelor and Master in Public Health programme at Maastricht University, and former chair of the Action for Global Health network. In addition, she is a member of the EY Alcohol and Health Forum, EU platform for action on diet, physical activity and health, the EU Health Policy Forum, and the DG SANCO Stakeholder Dialogue group. She holds a first class degree in Social Sciences, MA in International Peace and Security and was educated at Liverpool, Bonn and King’s College London. A first generation immigrant to the United Kingdom, she speaks Polish, English and German fluently and can communicate in an additional five languages.