Catherine Hartmann

Board Member EPHA

Catherine Hartmann is a member of the EPHA Executive Board; she has been a member of EPHA for a decade, representing several associations for which she works/worked.

Catherine was trained as lawyer, with a focus on European law, in Paris, her hometown. During her free time and to pay for her holidays, as a student, she worked for several language travel associations, which allowed her to learn many aspects of association management. She then worked full time for two of them, while doing some journalism on travel subjects. She then moved to Dublin, Ireland where she administered contracts for an International bank. Going back to her centres of interests, she moved to Belgium in 1999 to work for an association management company where she was project manager, for several associations, in addition to handling education and outreach programmes. In 2004, she joined the European Cancer Leagues (ECL) as Executive Director, with a role to develop the ECL’s activities and establish a new office in Brussels. During her time at ECL, she built stronger partnerships with like-minded health associations, partially through membership at EPHA’s.

She then took the lead of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP – member of EPHA) setting up a professional office in Brussels, after volunteers had mainly managed it. She developed EU advocacy activities, pan- European projects, and specialised in healthcare related issues, developing positions on the European Working Time Directive, the Cross-Border Healthcare Directive, medicines for paediatric use, patients’ safety and the revision of Professional Qualification Directive, to name just a few.

She started doing consultancy work as a free-lancer in 2010, working for EPHA as a team leader of the EU Health Policy Forum (EU HPF), for the European Federation of Nurses (EFN) prior to joining the European COPD Coalition (ECC – 2011) and the Association Européenne des Médecins Hospitaliers (2013- French acronym, the European association of senior physicians working in hospital).

In her career, Catherine developed knowledge and expertise in association management, EU health policies, communication and marketing, educational programmes, building networks and partnerships, as well as sustainable relationships with EU decision makers.