Spend smarter to ensure high quality healthcare for all

20th May, 2015

Despite austerity-era cuts, Europe’s health systems command significant resources. Now, these must be deployed in a smarter, evidence-based way, to extract greater value, increase efficiency and bring an end to health inequalities that exist both within and between nations

Interview with Josep Figueras: Focus on health gain to draw the virtuous circle from efficiency to equity

20th May 2015

While increasing efficiency can help reduce inequalities, it is not necessarily so. Meanwhile the reverse case – that addressing inequalities makes for more efficient health systems – may not even be considered. The key to untangling this nexus is to focus investment and reform on health gains, says Josep Figueras, Director of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

Interview with Stanimir Hasurdjiev: Remove barriers to access to improve patient outcomes and promote efficiency and sustainability

20th May 2015

Focussing on outcomes is the foundation stone for efficient, equitable and sustainable health systems. And the key to improving outcomes lies in dismantling barriers to access, says Stanimir Hasurdjiev