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Press Release

PRESS RELEASE The Riga Roadmap sets out an Action Plan for EU and National Policy Makers to Deliver Sustainable, Equitable and Participatory European Health Systems (31st August 2015 – Brussels): European health stakeholders are pleased to announce the publication of the Riga Roadmap, an action plan to make EU health systems sustainable, equitable and [...]

The Riga Roadmap

The Riga Roadmap Investing in Health and Wellbeing for All The Riga Roadmap is the end result of the Universal Healthcare Conference, which was held under the auspices of the Latvian Presidency of the European Union in June 2015. The Conference drew together stakeholders from across the health community to identify strategies to promote [...]

An action plan to bring patient-centred healthcare to life

23rd June 2015

The Universal Health Conference in Riga next week will build on the core principles of the Vilnius Declaration and scope out common ground where Member States can work together and support each other in the design and implementation of robust and resilient ‘all of life’ health and care services.

Consult and involve citizens to create more effective and sustainable healthcare services

23rd June 2015

Many would claim patients already are the centre of attention in our health systems. But for the most part, this is as passive recipients of care. It is time to end the lip service and support patients to be active partners in managing their own health and to start assessing quality of health services in terms of outcomes, not activity.

Interview with Zsuzsanna Jakab: Make healthcare systems serve the interests of the people

23rd June 2015

The Vilnius Declaration established a broad consensus around key areas for attention in reshaping Europe’s healthcare systems to face the future. This has spurred progress, but further effort is required in reorienting systems to focus on non-communicable diseases and the requirements of an elderly population, says Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe.

Interview with Christoph Stoller: How pharma can contribute to ensuring health systems are sustainable and inclusive

23rd June 2015

The pharma industry, with its close relationships to patients, clinicians and payers can play a pivotal role in promoting future efficiency of health systems, says Christoph Stoller, Senior Vice President Generics and Commercial Operations, Europe at Teva. The contribution will reach well beyond supplying medicines.

Interview with Gunta Anca: Put educated patients at the heart of people-centred health systems

23rd June 2015

As a leading disability rights campaigner and patient advocate, Gunta Anca is determined to make the slogan ‘Nothing about us, without us’ come to life. Key to this is to educate both patients and healthcare professionals, she says.

mHealth: the unseen potential in every patient’s pocket

23rd June 2015

How can we ensure efficient and equitable access to healthcare systems in difficult economic times? This key question dominates the debate over modern healthcare. Strained resources and an ageing population create increasing pressure on demand for innovative and costly products and services. And yet, the digital revolution today provides greater access to information than ever before. How can we help citizens square this circle? mHealth – apps and online services designed to enable people to take care of their own health – may be the answer.

Define access by the requirements of patients, not the availability of services

17th June 2015

Equitable access – in which all patients can get care as and when needed – should be a central attribute and key measure of performance for Europe’s health systems. But before this can be realised, accessibility must be defined.

Interview with Adrzej Rys: Pooling resources and sharing best practice to improve access to healthcare

17th June 2015

The EU is establishing platforms and channels for Member States to work together in achieving shared objectives that promote universal access. In this interview, Andrzej Rys Director, Health products and systems, DG Health and Food Safety, describes a number of these initiatives.