Adrian van den Hoven

Director General, European Generic Medicines Association (EGA)

Adrian van den Hoven, joined the European Generic and Biosimilar medicines Association (EGA) as a Director General in September 2013. His priorities at the EGA are to stimulate competition in off-patent medicine markets, to foster market access for generic and biosimilar medicines, to support policy measures for sustainable pricing, to promote high regulatory standards while ensuring that the associated costs can be integrated into market dynamics and to develop a coherent EU industrial strategy to support the long-term viability of the generic and biosimilar medicines industry. Prior to joining the EGA, Adrian van den Hoven was Deputy-Director General of BUSINESSEUROPE where he was responsible for the International Relations department, covering trade negotiations and bilateral relations, and the Industry department, covering industrial, energy, environmental and research policy. He previously worked as an International Relations researcher and an adjunct professor in Italy (EUI), France (Nice) and Canada (Windsor). He obtained his doctorate in Political Science from the University of Nice, France in 2000.