The Riga Roadmap

Investing in Health and Wellbeing for All

The Riga Roadmap is the end result of the Universal Healthcare Conference, which was held under the auspices of the Latvian Presidency of the European Union in June 2015. The Conference drew together stakeholders from across the health community to identify strategies to promote the participation of citizens as a motive force for creating efficient, equitable health systems in Europe – and improving health for all.

The Riga Roadmap builds on the Vilnius Declaration, which was agreed at a high-level health event of the Lithuanian Presidency in 2013 and aimed to ensure that European health systems are people-centred, sustainable and inclusive – and deliver good health for all. To maintain the Declaration’s momentum, the Universal Health Conference identified strategies to harness citizen participation to create sustainable, equitable and participatory European health systems. The strategies discussed and developed during the Universal Health Conference serve as the basis for the Riga Roadmap.

With this document, the signatories call on the European Union institutions and national governments of the Member States to work together with the health community in order to apply these measures, with the aim of maximising health and wellbeing and ensuring the long-term sustainability of Europe’s health systems.

Read the Riga Roadmap here.

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