Peter Wiessner

Vice-President EPHA

European Co-Chair of Policy Working Group, European AIDS Treatment Group, Peter joined in EPHA Board in September 2012.

Peter Wiessner began to get involved in HIV related work in 1990. He studied social work (diploma) and social science (diploma) at the Humboldt University in Berlin. Before that Mr Wiessner completed a training as a professional cook and as a deacon for the Lutheran community. From 2001 to 2006, Mr Wiessner worked for a local NGO in Munich. His main duty in Munich was counselling and prevention in prison. The issues of inequalities and health in prisons continue to interest him. In Munich, Mr Wiessner directed a reintegration program for long-term unemployed people living with HIV. In 2007, Mr Wiessner moved to Cologne. He currently works as a freelance consultant, mainly on behalf of the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe (DAH). For the DAH, Mr Wiessner published books and brochures on topics like “Long-term survival with HIV” (1995); “HIV and psychiatric disorders” (1998); “HIV and disability” (1999); “HIV-testing” (2000); “Health for male and female prisoners” (2008) and “HIV and migration in Germany” (2010). The main accomplishment of Mr Wiessner relates to on-going community-driven research on HIV-related entry and residence regulations. This research started in 1999 and resulted into 9 editions of a booklet containing an overview on the situation in 200 countries that has been translated into several European languages and the creation of the international database on HIV related restrictions at, accomplished in cooperation with friends and befriended networks. In 2008, Mr Wiessner served as a member of the international UNAIDS Task Team on HIV – related travel restrictions, a body that created concrete proposals on how to abolish these sort of discriminative regulations. In the last two years, Mr Wiessner coordinated a German -wide HIV testing campaign for Men having sex with men (MSM), organized under the umbrella of the prevention campaign for MSM known as “IWWIT” (“I know what I am doing”) with the platform

Mr Wiessner became a member of the European AIDS Treatment Group in 2003. For the EATG, he co – organised and -chaired the European conference on “The right to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support for Migrants and Ethnic Minorities in Europe”, which took place in Lisbon June7-8, 2007. The conference resulted in the creation of the “Community recommendations on migration and HIV/AIDS”. On behalf of the EATG, Mr Wiessner currently participates as community representative in the WHO Europe Health in Prison Network (HIPP) and the EU project on Health Promotion for Young Prisoners (HPYP). His main interests relate to legal inequalities and access to health for vulnerable populations with HIV, Human Rights violations in the HIV context, and topics such as criminalisation of HIV transmission.