Interview with Gillian Leng: Health Technology Assessment is central to access and equity

17th June 2015

There may be a perception that health technology assessment is solely concerned with rationing the use of innovative drugs, but in fact, the opposite is the case, says Professor Gillian Leng, Deputy Chief Executive of the UK National Institute of Health and Care Excellence. Rather, the aim is to actively promote uptake of treatments that are good value for money.

Delivering the promise of healthcare innovation without compromising sustainability

9th June 2015

Innovation has become synonymous with higher cost, but it need not be like that. For a start, innovation has many guises: it can come in the shape of a breakthrough therapy that revolutionises treatment, an innovative way of administering a generic that improves adherence, a biosimilar that promotes innovative pricing models, or through insights from big data that drive improvements in patient care without adding to cost.

Interview with Vilius Grabauskas: Rooting out inequality is the key to balancing the books

9th June 2015

Rising demand might be seen as a threat to sustainability, but the two can be reconciled through universal coverage. This will reduce inequalities whilst increasing the efficiency of health care systems. Recent reforms in Lithuania demonstrate this, says Professor Vilius Grabauskas.

Interview with Mark Pearson: Squaring the circle between costly innovation and limited healthcare budgets

9th June 2015

Medical innovation that is delivering hope for patients is causing anxiety for payers. Restructuring health systems with the patients at the centre is the route to delivering better care and saving costs, says Mark Pearson of OECD.

The Vilnius Declaration – How Have We Responded to Its ‘Call to Action’?

3rd June 2015

Austerity-era cuts have undermined Europe’s health systems. The Vilnius Declaration, set down during the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU, was a call to end this attrition. Now the Latvian Presidency of the EU will take the agenda forward at a conference in Riga on 29 – 30 June, with the aim of identifying ways in which citizens can be active partners in efforts to make health systems more efficient, sustainable and equitable – and improve health for all.

Interview with Vytenis Andriukaitis: Health in all policies will address inequality and contribute to smart, sustainable growth

3rd June 2015

As he looks forward to the Riga Health Conference, Vytenis Andriukaitis, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, outlines in this interview how the European Commission will support member states in their efforts to ensure universal access to healthcare

Interview with Guntis Belēvičs: Latvian Presidency of the European Union puts the focus on patient-centred healthcare

3rd June 2015

The future sustainability and equity of Europe’s healthcare systems depends on placing the needs of patients first. From this perspective, it becomes possible to improve coordination and quality at every level of care, strengthening services and increasing the healthy life span of all, says Guntis Belēvičs, Latvia’s Minister for Health.

The merging of biology with digital technology is personalising health

27th May 2015

Digital platforms are underpinning the move to patient-centred care. Across the spectrum, from drug discovery to diagnosis and treatment, staffing and skills development, to facilities management, the key to better health systems lies in the improved collection, analysis and deployment of data of all kinds.

Interview with Pēteris Zilgalvis: Take Digital Health Services to the Citizens

27th May 2015

mHealth is a bottom-up movement, but questions of quality assurance and organisational barriers, stand in the way of citizens being properly empowered in its use. This is restraining potential the technology holds to increase affordability and accessibility of health care, says Pēteris Zilgalvis, Head of Unit, eHealth and Wellbeing, DG Connect.

Interview with Richard Bergström: The merging of biology with digital technologies is personalising healthcare

27th May 2015

From gene sequencing in target discovery, to patient self-monitoring with mobile apps, digital platforms are transforming healthcare. EFPIA’s members are applying these tools to develop better, safer, targeted medicines. And by reducing uncertainty for payers this movement will improve access and affordability, says Richard Bergström.